Vans and minibus in Orvieto


Traveling in the company is the best solution to enjoy the best holidays

The van and minibus rental company in Orvieto offers a wide range of eight and nine-seat minibuses for the weekend, long trips with friends or family. The hire of a minibus meets the demand for a very large luggage space. The loading area can be modulated to accommodate suitcases of all passengers. The practical, safe and secure luggage cover ensure maximum coverage of the most cumbersome sports suitcases or equipment.

The buses and van are very spacious even for those sitting in the rear rows and provided with comfortable seats. The optional are all inclusive. The cheapest vehicles in the category are selected: reduced costs for a secured fun.

The company is constantly evolving and is always attentive to the demands of its customers. To request a personalized quote you must contact the offices of Mangiavacchi that will soon be able to give a precise answer to the requests received. The services offered by the company are tailored to the needs of the customer. You can rent the vehicles both for an evening and for medium and long periods (max 1 month). Periodically, the company proposes special offers for groups of friends, students and sports groups that are very beneficial. The staff is always friendly and helpful and places at the center of his work the client trying to satisfy all his requests.


The Mangiavacchi car rental company is located in Via delle Acacie, 39, in Orvieto (TR); It is open from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 am to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 19:00pm. On Sunday the firm is open only at the request of appointment. For more information and estimates, please contact the following telephone numbers: 0763300356 - 3355252975- 3338152684.