Vans in Orvieto


Moving safely

The vans owned by the Mangiavacchi car rental company are part of the latest products on the market, they are equipped with all the comforts: air conditioning, anti-theft and radio. The van rental company in Orvieto offers a wide range of offers, among which it will be possible to find the solution that best suits the needs of individual customers. The cost of the rental changes according to the duration, which can be daily, monthly or just for the weekend.

The staff at the customer's desk is studying personalized, affordable and quality solutions, guaranteeing maximum savings and insurance coverage on theft and fire, RCA, Kasko and 24 hour security assistance.

For those looking for reliable, punctual and prestigious service, Mangiavacchi Car Hire is the ideal solution to meet all customer needs. The service is always available on public holidays, and it is also possible to book shifts well in advance.

Opening Time

The Mangiavacchi car rental company is located in Via delle Acacie, 39, in Orvieto (TR); It is open from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 am to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 19:00pm. On Sunday the firm is open only at the request of appointment. For more information and estimates, please contact the following telephone numbers: 0763300356 - 3355252975- 3338152684.